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Live Review: Maverick Sabre at Benicassim 2012

  • By AndyVale
  • 15 Jul 2012
  • Event Date 15 Jul 2012
Maverick Sabre reviewed at Benicassim 2012

Blending the genres of Hip-Hop and Soul is a tricky one, and for the most part Maverick Sabre manages to balance it well.

Pleasing those who want to sway in the midnight breeze and those who want to cause havoc in the night is not simple. But to appease the latter, Sabre announces that 'Don't See The Sun' will be the last slower number of the night before the heavy stuff really kicks in. It's an achingly beautiful one with an effortless sense of longing. A guitar solo is added to give it that fists in the air "festival moment" feel.

After that it's party time. 'No One' gets some extra Dubstep drops thrown in, with wubz too. While the trumpet-like synths of 'Let Me Go' cause the hands in the air to rave and throb. As in, they move a lot. Not throbbing in the sense that their size is constantly oscillating, because that would be scary.