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Live Review: Miles Kane at Benicassim 2012

  • By AndyVale
  • 13 Jul 2012
  • Event Date 13 Jul 2012
Miles Kane plays music at Benicassim 2012 and Supajam stand in the crowd so that they can tell you about it afterwards.

Miles Kane is greeted with a rapidly growing crowd, people throwing baloons in the air, and a woman holding up a "Marry Me Miles" sign. In return, Miles opens with a belting rendition of Rearrange, the lead single from his debut album Colour of the Trap.

Miles seems like a likeable guy that you want to do well. Given his sound, look and connections it's easy to say that he is just re-treading the footsteps of other bands that have come before. But in the Spanish heat he sings passionately, sweating profusely from early on. Even if it's only the first few rows of the crowd who are really ready to show some movement at this point, at least Kane is going for it.

Blending elements of Brit-Pop, Psychadelia and early Punk, Kane puts on a fiesty show with plenty to sink the teeth into. There's a strong sense of mod-revival, but he does enough with it to keep it a little different and push things forward slightly. Without just saying "Indie", it doesn't totally fit into any single category and this is probably why so many notable artists have clamoured to work with him in the past.