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Live Review: Miss 600 at Galtres Festival

  • By Liz_v
  • 28 Aug 2013
  • Event Date 28 Aug 2013
Miss 600 get the crowd moving at Galtres

These guys were so catchy! We made our way across the whole festival site because we could hear the uber attention grabbing brass sections that had a kind of 40's Jazz appeal to them. As well as incredibly catchy songs and arrangements, lead singer Hannah Garner was an amazingly talented singer, hitting each note pitch perfectly and making it look easy! It turns out that Hannah started out as a bit of Youtube sension until she became a member of Miss 600 catching peoples attention through acapella renditions of songs. With a voice like that we're not surprised she managed to turn heads. With a full band behind them Miss 600 got the party started, playing upbeat tunes that had the crowd up and moving!

They have a debut album out now which you can get hold of via their website here.