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Single Review: Nas ft Amy Winehouse - Cherry Wine

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 9 Jul 2012
  • Release Date 9 Jul 2012
Average, yet slightly ghoulish collabo between Nas and a ghost

Maybe it's just me, but isn't Nas rapping 'pass me the cherry wine/ life is good' on this post humous duet with Amy 'died by boozing' Winehouse a teensy bit tasteless? It feels a bit like getting the ghost of Marc Bolam to cover 'driving along in my automobile'. Which, had the recording technology been available some joker doubtless would have.

Any, questions of taste aside, this much hyped and vaguely ghoulish duet is a fairly average affair, neither the best work from Amy (although definitely better than some of the shoddy out takes boshed out on the Lioness cash in), nor a good example of Nas's recently revived talent-- you'd be better off checking out his recent single The Don, or touching album track Daughters to see the self proclaimed King of New York back on his game. Still, it's a few more quid in Mitch Winehouse's pocket, drawing the brass statue of Amy mooted for Camden ever closer.