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Single Review: Neon Indian - Hex Girlfriend

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 21 May 2012
  • Release Date 21 May 2012
The distilled essence of summer bought to you courtesy of Neon Indian's new single

Coming next week on Transgressive Records, it's THE SUMMER! YAY! The release of Hex Girlfriend appears to have been perfectly timed between Neon Indian and God to coincide with the heatwave that England's weather gurus promise us is just a moment away. At just over 3 minures off warm hazy  scuzzyness, Hex Girlfriend is the kind of soft focus lysergic pop that sounds as sweet as a bright orange slush puppy tastes, and right now it sounds quite lovely.


There's also a nifty spaz house remix from South London beat botherer Becomiong Real floating about, stream below:


Neon Indian - Hex Girlfriend (Becoming Real Remix) by Transgressive Records