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Live Review: Paolo Nutini- Live at iTunes Festival

  • By Nick Tompkins
  • 14 Sep 2014
  • Event Date 13 Sep 2014
Paolo Nutini shows himself to be an extremely important talent at iTunes Festival 2014.


After 2009’s Sunny Side Up turned Glasgow’s chip shop prodigy into a household name, hot off the release of Caustic Love Paolo Nutini gives a performance to live up to his ever growing reputation as one of the finest voices in modern music.

Entering the stage to a barrage of drums and flashing lights, following his faithful band, Paolo Nutini saunters onto the stage with an almost cartoon-like nonchalance- sweeping his raggedy hair while his spindly legs dodder to the microphone.

It is clear from opening number, ‘Scream’ that Nutini’s set is going to be one of epic proportions- his eight-piece band adding rich backing vocals and achingly potent instrumentals, with the man himself standing triumphant front of stage. Caustic Love’s grandiose sound complete with thick brass and velvety harmonies running strong throughout its track listing, makes new songs such as ‘One Day’ and ‘Looking For Something’ feel a long way away from the Glaswegian singer’s debut material. It feels as if to accommodate for this colossal new sound, Nutini has adapted his set, playing considerably little early material and transforming old favourites ‘Pencil Full Of Lead’ and ‘Jenny Don’t Be Hasty’ into an almost unrecognisable form, with more dynamic, rocky guitars and soulful vocal solos; this somewhat detracts from the sing-along factor some fans may have been looking for but is an admirable move to make even the old songs feel like a new experience.

Paolo Nutini goes heavy on the new material, playing almost the entirety of Caustic Love- this is where he demonstrates how much of a vocal powerhouse he really is, but at times it comes as a relief when an old number is thrown into the mix just to alleviate some of the intensity that comes with the newer songs. After an explosive rendition of ‘Iron Sky’, met with joyous screams, Paolo Nutini exits the stage before moseying back to play ‘Tricks Of The Trade’, ‘Candy’ and ‘Someone Like You’ before ending the night with a gentle, acoustic performance of ‘Last Request’ with a mass crowd sing-along that spills out drunkenly onto the streets of Camden after the doors close.

Although fans of debut album, These Streets may be a little deflated, Paolo Nutini disappoints no one in a performance so flawless and delivered with such passion that it is a wonder how he will maintain this level of musicianship for the duration of his career.

Photo courtesy of iTunes Festival, London 2014.

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