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Live Review: Peace- Saturday Reading Festival

  • By Nick Tompkins
  • 23 Aug 2014
  • Event Date 23 Aug 0014
Feux fur sporting Worcester four-piece Peace today played their debut main stage set at Reading fest

“We’re Peace and we’re from Earth” announces Harrison Koisser as Peace waltz on stage. He is wearing a flamboyant black and white patterned outfit with a thick fur coat on top; Koisser seems to channel a kind of androgynous vibe in his dress and mannerisms, holding himself in a way reminiscent of Bowie himself.

Peace’s set is brimming with perfect summer festival anthems- ‘Lovesick’, ‘Higher Than The Sun’ and ‘Wraith’ were written for crowds like this, choruses causing minor earth tremors from the crowd’s emotional retorts.

In addition to the old In Love material, the band of course showcase tunes from their upcoming sophomore record, still awaiting a release date. It seems fans have been swatting up on the newer songs too, with massive support for singles, ‘Money’, ‘World Pleasure’ and ‘Lost On You’.

So if this is how Peace tackle the main stage at Reading festival, it’s only a matter of time before they claw their way up the bill.