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Single Review: Petite Noir - Disappear

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 18 Feb 2013
  • Release Date 18 Feb 2013
afrobeat infused indie made by ummm... an African

Is there some irony in a young black South African tethering afrobeat guitar to coldwave indie in the style of every chancer from here to Brooklyn? Well, I guess only if the results have been rendered passe by over exposure to Vampire Weekend, Foals and their ilk. Fortunately Petite Noir, part of the increasingly vital SA scene, has got enough musical nouse to make Disappear stand out. Whilst it may sound crass to compare one young black indie singer to another, this really does sound like the kind of thing Bloc Party would be making if they weren't wasting their time trying to write a new System of a Down record. Which can only be a good thing. More info on http://www.facebook.com/petitenoir1