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Single Review: Polar - Create

  • By AndyVale
  • 24 Apr 2013
  • Release Date 24 Apr 2013
Supajam reviews Polar's latest release.

"I NEVER SWEAR ON LIVES," Polar vocalist Woody screams out at the onset. Polar leave you with no questions as to why they're rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the best upcoming hardcore bands in the country. No build up, no simmering tension, just a shuddering, brutal release.

Amidst the thundering racquet there's an effective precision, which focuses a white-hot aggression into something dangerously pure. Having a unique vocal delivery in this sort of genre is tough, but Woody's is noticable among the crowd. It's a constant bark that has divided opinion, yet emits a ferocious and unmistakable passion that is perfect for leading any army.

'Create' will be part of Polar's upcoming EP Inspire Create Destroy, which will be out on May 27th as a free download with every order on Drop Dead Clothing. Check out the video below: