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Single Review: Prince Fatty - Got Your Money (feat. Horseman, Hollie Cook George Dekker)

  • By AndyVale
  • 25 Aug 2012
  • Release Date 25 Aug 2012
Supajam has a listen to Prince Fatty's version of Got Your Money.

"Prince Fatty won’t disappoint the lovers of the early 70s sound," reads their bio. Which is good, because the original chorus of this Ol' Dirty Bastard classic always did have a cool 70s urban feel to it. That original chorus was handled by Kelis and the honour this time falls to Hollie Cook, while Horseman handles the verses.

ODB's throaty delivery is switched with a deep reggae flow that works perfectly with the effortlessly funk of the beat. Fatty's production adds samples that keep it contemporary but are still loyal to their roots.

This version is taken from the upcoming album Prince Fatty versus The Drunken Gambler, check out a sample of the track here: