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Single Review: Public Service Broadcasting - The War Room

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 25 Jun 2012
  • Release Date 25 Jun 2012
A curious mix of guitar driven instrumental and classic WWII propaganda films

Public Service Broadcasting have collaborated with the British Film Institute to produce this entertaining curiosity of an EP. Given unparalleled access to the BFI's collection of World War II propaganda flicks, the band have spliced the clipped, meticulously enunciated tones of 1940s English actors with euphoric Krautrock-gone-drivetime guitars and pounding dad rock drums.

Evocative lead track Spitfire - eulogising the famous war plane- taps into a nostalgia for British invention and skill that many bemoan contemporary society lacks, and, had England not ballsed it up on penalties again, could have been a shoe in as a soundtrack to the national sides footballing fortunes in Euro 2012. If any of you are still raging at Ian Brown wiping his arse on the Union Jack last week, then this may well be the antidote...