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Album Review: 'Sandscrape' EP by Gang

  • By Nick Tompkins
  • 18 Jul 2014
  • Release Date 18 Jul 2014
This our verdict on Brighton three-piece Gang's latest effort

Born of Nirvana's untamable power, seasoned with Queens Of The Stone Age's twisted desert-rock howl, and left to simmer in the juices of The Wytches' sinister energy, Brighton three-piece, Gang, release their latest EP Sandscrape... and it's a triumph.

In EP opener 'I'm Only Mine' an ominous guitar build accompanies Eric Tormey's daydream falsetto groans and ascends with intense harmonies, before breaking into a crescendo of dirty guitars and gritty, punchy cymbals; whether you are alone sitting in your dressing gown at midday on a Sunday or drinking Red Stripe at a live show, it's impossible not to throw your head around like Willow Smith to this one.

"My peace of mind is is pieces" groans Eric Tormey in the intense 'Yearglass', with brother Jimi Tormey's unstoppable crash of drums, and its surprisingly catchy chorus hook this is certainly a highlight of the EP. The equally raucous 'Blood Ribbon', a tune that is "loosely based on dreams", sees Gang fully releasing their unique and beautiful squall- this one's guitar crunch and pounding bass a-plenty, and it's oh so good. Closing the EP, 'Dripping Away' doesn't break from Gang's signature dish of tastey riffs that could rip the teeth from your gums, but this track does feel somewhat like the band's most developed track to date, like the tune bridging the gap between Sandscrape and whatever their next release may yield.

If it's lo-fi doom grunge epics that really turn you on, look no further than Brighton's most promising trio. Sandscrape is due for release June 9th but is available to stream on Soundcloud here: