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Single Review: Ships - Places

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 10 Dec 2012
  • Release Date 10 Dec 2012
Dream pop and sudden analogue explosions from a new Dublin duo

Be warned, I spilt ball scalding hot tea down my crisply pressed strides when the second half of Places kicked in. Just letting you know. The first three minutes of this excellent number by Dublin based duo Ships are sweet and gentle as a moonlit carress, and gossamer as floating spider silk. They're also a total red herring that in no way prepare you for the sudden explosion of kicking drums and analogue synth wonk out that play the track out. It really is a game of two halves, and we'd like to pose this question to the millions of other, lesser, bands trading in breathy female vocals and dream like textures : why didn't you think of this? Huh? IT SOUNDS GOOD.