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Live Review: Sigur Ros prove their point with stunning headliner

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 25 Jun 2016
  • Event Date 24 Jun 2016
Sigur Ros prove their point with stunning headliner

Icelandic art rockers Sigur Ros departed their usual forum of BBC snips and mobile phone adverts to headline the John Peel stage on Friday night.

And they proved that, after a decade of one brilliant, one off mark records, they can turn it on as one of the best live bands nationwide if they choose to. Pitting incisive visuals against erratic, malformed images, the show is as three dimensional and multi-faceted as their records. 

How the group manage to maintain such a thorough design and elegance to their work after so long is a mystery to me. But they skip through the eras of their back catalogue effervescently, stroking guitars with bows and pummelling tribalistic drum beats.

They're the headliner this fantastic stage deserves.