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Single Review: Snoop Lion - Here Comes the King

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 10 Dec 2012
  • Release Date 10 Dec 2012
New reggae hip hop from Snoop Lion and Major Lazer

Snoop struggles to make a crap tune doesn't he? Even the grubby fingers of Guetta couldn't make him sound totally rubbish, and team him with someone a bit less terrible- in this case Major Lazer- and you're pretty much guaranteed ganga baked good times. On Here Comes the King Snoop keeps up his new Jafakan Snoop Lion persona, and manages to pull off a pretty wack patois accent by virtue of being the cuddly, lovable face of gang banging. He's talking about some sort of 'revolution' in the first verse, but before he gets himself too bogged down in pretending to be Bob Marley, he's back on the familiar ground of diamonds, spliff and pimped out cars. Phew.