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Live Review: Spanish girl group, Hinds make special connection with Glastonbury crowd

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 26 Jun 2015
  • Event Date 27 Jun 2015
Spanish girl group, Hinds make special connection with Glastonbury crowd

Through a haze of sun-splashes guitars, frizzy hair and broken English come the dulcet tones of Hinds.

The group take to the John Peel stage in the afternoon for and are greeted by an especially warm crowd, many no doubt have heard the murmurs of the group and comparisons to The Velvet Underground and the New York punk scene of the late seventies, neither of which would be unfair or too far from the mark.

A conversation of washing melodies takes place between Carlotta Casials' nonplussed vocals and a duo of guitar lines, it captures the atmosphere of an absent, curious thought. Playing out their single 'Demo', the quartet sway and spiral like dawdling children. They ensnare an initially-placid crowd without appearing to pour too much of themselves into it.

There is room for growth in the writing, however, and despite having a degree of unpredictability and free fall, the pieces often lack the confidence to fully indulge their most interesting motifs. They fall into a spider's web of entangled melodies that serves rather as an aperitif than the main course it should've been.

"We couldn't sleep last night we were so excited," Casials says, to rapturous applause from the crowd. "Thank you, Glastonbury. I feel like we understood each other [sic]."

We understand you on many levels, Casials.