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Single Review: Stubborn Heart - Need Someone

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 24 Aug 2012
  • Release Date 24 Aug 2012
Post dubstep that references Warp records, Radiohead and warm stabs of techno

This cut first surfaced as a white label in mid 2011. Since then it's been picked up by new XL Records imprint Kaya Kaya, given a sympathetic remaster, pushed back out into the world, and now pressed up as a 12". And thank God this has happened, otherwise my favourite new song would have completely passed me by. A new band combining the maudlin white boy blues of Thom Yorke with a warm, metronomic techno pulse isn't rare. A new band with the skill to make the combination so superb that it wrenches out your heartstrings and cradles them in front of your disbelieving eyes is. Whether they can distinguish themselves from the pack of other London based post dubstep producers, your James Blakes and Joy Orbisons remains to be seen, but on the basis of their soundcloud, they've got a lot of unique ideas. One's to watch.