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Single Review: Sunless 97 - Body Weather

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 25 Jun 2012
  • Release Date 25 Jun 2012
Neon tinged lunatic pop for cool kids

I've not had much call to go riding down a cartoon rainbow on a kayak carved from marshmellows this summer, let alone enjoy the experience accompanied by a burbling woodland sprite out of its mind on Ginseng. And now I won't have to, as Sunless 97 have been kind enough to distill the essence of the experience into 5 minutes of bizarre sunshine lunatic pop. Then added some saxophones. Quite unlike anything thats been made before the last couple of years, but still strangely familiar, Body Weather is pretty cool, possibly a bit overlong, but, on balance, a fine thing to exist in the world. Thumbs up.