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Live Review: Taj Mahal at Hop Farm 2012

  • By AndyVale
  • 1 Jul 2012
  • Event Date 1 Jul 2012
Supajam checks out Taj Mahal at Hop Farm 2012

I had to double check the times on this one. Was the legendary Grammy winning bluesman Taj Mahal really on second on the second stage? The man who has worked with Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and Eric Clapton? The massive crowd in the tent lead me to believe so, the deep voice in the bright shirt and dark glasses lead me to know so.

Some slick, thumping and tight blues was on show from the Taj Mahal trio before Taj decanted to the piano to play a song about belly rubbing blues. "That's where two people rub their bellies together..." Wikipedia tells me that this is a type of slow dance where people hold each other close. Apparently it doesn't mean sex, but you can pretend it does. You pervert.

After this we are back onto the uplifting party stuff. He espouses the importance of Celtic poetry and music upon African American culture, it's lost on most of the audience but we appreciate the sentiment. He whips out a banjo that ellicits a massive round of clapping, whooping and hollering from a hugely appreciative crowd. I wish I could get that kind of reaction when I whip out my banjo.