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Single Review: The Drums - How It Ended

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 31 Oct 2011
  • Release Date 31 Oct 2011
The Drums - How It Ended review & free remix download

With ‘How It Ended’ The Drums continue to chart their bitter sweet course through danceable indie pop melancholy. The songs uptempo four beat, icy synth washes and propulsive bassline recall fine early New Order, and give a counterpoint to Jonathan Pearce’s lyrical theme of loss and nostalgia, his “black and blue heart”. Whilst the song probably isn’t going to convert any doubters into ardent Drums listeners, anyone with a fondness for the 80s indie music that the band take their cues from are sure to embrace this 4 and a half minute slice of sweet sorrow. A haunting remix of the track from Jeremy Summer Camp is available for free download here:

The Drums - How It Ended (Jeremy Summer Camp Remix) by WorkItMedia