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Album Review: The Hives - Lex Hives

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 9 Jun 2012
  • Release Date 9 Jun 2012
More of the same from the Garage rock revivalists

We live in a chaotic world, our European neighbours on the brink of financial meltdown and nationalist fervour. No one quite knows where we’ll be in twenty years time, but I can tell you one thing for certain—if The Hives are still making records in 2032 they’ll sound much the same as Lex Hives, or indeed any other record that they’ve ever made.

Changes The Hives have made on this new album:

  1. The words are different from other words they’ve sung
  2. The chords come in a different order
  3. Sometimes they sound like Ugly Kid Joe


And that’s it. And you know what? GOOD. I like The Hives, they were always a revival act, and they know what they like—raucous, cocksure garage rock, sharp dressing, hand claps, short songs and yelping- and I like all those things to. Lex Hives is 12 songs long (a proper length for an album in my book), has one slow tempo number-- the howling soul of Without the Money- and zero flabby bits. It struts around the place with the sneering expression of a champ, and has an opening song with drums nicked from Butthole Surfer’s Human Cannonball and the sole  lyrics ‘come on, come on, everybody come on’. And that’s all you need to know really.

Here's some music for your enjoyment: