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Single Review: Those Delta Wolves - Auricle

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 20 Jul 2015
  • Release Date 20 Jul 2015
We have a listen to 'Auricle', the new EP from Those Delta Wolves

Coloured with shades of late-seventies punk and the melodious facets of nineties rock is Those Delta Wolves' second EP in six months, Auricle.

With an emphasis on energy, this self-effacing collection times in just over ten minutes. It has a refreshing sense of space within the recording, and is centred by the kind of lo-fi aesthetic that you'd expect from the group's fellow Leeds citizens, Hookworms. There's plenty of variety on this three-pronged piece, however: 'Yellow King' stews and splutters with a kind of nonplussed intensity, whilst  'SGMC' is almost playful in character, an essential counterpoint to what it is sandwiched between.

Despite a range of influences being present, 'Auricle's' ultimate assertion is one of a classic rock nature. Those Delta Wolves know where they stand on that, and this EP is that collision of frustration and familiarity that makes their next bout of new music all the more exciting.