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Single Review: Throwing Snow

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 21 Dec 2011
  • Release Date 21 Dec 2011
somewhere between a pleasant listen and a teeth rattling dubstep bass grinder from Throwing Snow


Well this one’s a real game of two halves. First up, it’s all twinkle toed fairy plonking 2 step synth niceties in a shimmery winter wonderland, then, Christ... where did that come from- it’s a very, very angry snuggle toothed bass ogre mashing the fairies stupid head HARD into powdery snow, before pissing all over his forlorn little imp wings. The nice-intro-to-stomach-raping-bass-drop manoeuvre was a drum n bass favourite circa 1997, and to be honest, with the current crop of ‘intelligent’ dubstep producers mostly hell bent on creating boring music to shuffle vaguely too, its been gone far too long. Fighting music!  Good work Throwing Snow!


LOC008. Throwing Snow - Too Polite by Local Action Records