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Single Review: Track of the Day: Destroyer 'Times Square'

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 12 Aug 2015
  • Release Date 12 Aug 2015
Our track of the day is the stunning new 'Times Square' from Destroyer

Destroyer have just dropped their new single 'Times Square', from the forthcoming record 'Poison Season'. 

It's every bit as wonderful as you want it to be. This is Times Square painted from a pallette of monochrome and ash colours from 1960s New York. Despite opening with a strikingly Bejar-esque lyric - "Jesus was beside himself" - and moving to the churning gears of a train, the song ascends into raucous flashes of brass remniscient of Bowie's 'Young Americans'. The dialogue throughout the piece is what you'd expect from one of the most remarkable and idiosyncratic lyricists of his generation.

'Poison Season', the new album from Destroyer, is out on August 28th via Dead Oceans.

Listen to 'Times Square' below: