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Single Review: Track of the day: Smartboys 'Receiving the Bible’

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 3 Jul 2013
  • Release Date 3 Jul 2013
Track of the day: Fucked Up and US Girls collaboration 'Receiving The Bible/The Wrench Of Recollecti

This simplistic, loose number from supergroup Smartboys feels absolutely encapsulating from the first click of a mouse. 

Fucked Up members Jonah Falco and Mike Haliechuck have joined forces with U.S. Girls vocalist Wesfberg to form Smartboys, and this is half of their double A-side release.

Peculiar rhythmic pronunciations coupled with a characteristic, powerful vocal helps to fuel this invigorating number, and leaves you searching for further flames.

I'd like to see it live.