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Single Review: Tribes - How the Other Half Live

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 26 Feb 2013
  • Release Date 26 Feb 2013
Tribes best song yet by far...

When you write about indie bands daily, you end up cynical. It's impossible not to. Every year a new bunch of chancers roll up, release a couple of alright-ish songs that blogs treat like the second coming and then when the dust settles either a) sheepishly return to the day job in recruitment, b) implode under the weight of jailbait and twitter abuse, c) become bitter music journalists (hiya!) or, very occasionally, d) develop into something that someone outside of blogosphere might actually want to hear. With How the Other Half Live Tribes, one of last years sprouting crop of indie hopefuls, may have just pulled off a 'd'. The song is big, ballsy and emotive. It's more Primal Scream than Bobby Gillespie at a primal scream therapy session, primal screaming. It's got a gospel choir and drums bigger than Knebworth. It's pretty much start to finish chorus, and sounds like every baggy track you ever loved. In short, it's a bloody great hit. What happens next? If they keep this up they deserve stadium shaped massive-ness....