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Live Review: Tribes at Reading Festival

  • By AndyVale
  • 26 Aug 2013
  • Event Date 25 Aug 2013
Supajam reviews Tribes' set at the 2013 Reading Festival

There are moments when bits of Tribes' sound feels as if you're watching The Cure after injecting some hard ice-cream into their veins. These men from Camden spend their time pumping out uplifting Indie-Pop chords with a wistful twang that manages to resist becoming twee for the most part.

We are told that 'Corner of an English Field' was written about festivals, which is possibly a bit try-hard. But it gets people clapping and would suit one of those big sweeping crowd shots on the TV. A girl on someone's shoulders wearing massive glasses appears on the screen bellowing out the words. It could only be more perfect if she was  wearing plastic flowers and had fluorescent face paint dotted around her eyes. It felt somewhat contrived yet it worked, so good on them.

Elsewhere there were guitar solos designed for the edge of cliffs, and the ringing out of 'We Were Children' was a genuinely pleasurable moment for anyone that enjoys having a pair of working ears. Delicate touches around the fringes of a lurching storm showcase all of the best aspects that these guys have to offer.

With Biffy headlining the main stage tonight, you can see how Tribes could follow in their wake further down the line. It won't happen soon, but on today's showing it's certainly a possibility. They don't share early Biff's harder edge, but their clear knack for a massive chorus suggests that the monster hits could well come in the future. For now, we have a band to be proud of.