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Single Review: Video exclusive: EX-Major Television Network Executive Danielle Woodrow releases haunting new video 'Locked'

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 19 Aug 2015
  • Release Date 19 Aug 2015
Video exclusive: EX-Major Television Network Danielle Woodrow releases haunting new video 'Locked'

We have to tell you about the touching desperate pleas and isolation of Danielle Woodrow's new track, 'Turning'.

You'll love it, and it won't be the first great thing that Woodrow has given to you. She helped bring you some of the funniest programs on television: Louie, Archer, and fantastic cult dramas like Sons of Anarchy and Justified, so why wouldn't you trust her with music?

I suppose I should divulge upon that last nugget of information: Woodrow had began on a fast-progressing executive career serving as Senior Vice President of Original Programming at FX Networks, however, it wasn't aligned with her heart. In a move of catharsis, she left television "for her soul" in 2011 and has emerged with a fantastic debut album in 'Turning'.

And one of her primary ambitions for 'Turning' is to embolden others to follow through on their own callings. “Taking a break from my career may have been unorthodox, but it did wonders for my soul. And bringing music back into my life was one of the greatest gifts I could ever give myself. I hope my story might inspire other people to take risks and excavate their buried dreams."  

The piece, rarely centred and random in temperament, has wonderful lines that linger and stew, echoing throughout your consciousness for hours after listening. It is one part Joan Baez, another My Brightest Diamond.

On that note, you should take a listen to 'Locked' below:

Locked from Danielle Woodrow on Vimeo.

Locked was written in a cabin in Topanga Canyon. The video is directed by David Fickas and edited by Brice Beckham. Purchase Danielle Woodrow's 'Turning' debut album at iTunes.