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Live Review: We Are Fiction at Takedown Festival

  • By AndyVale
  • 12 May 2013
  • Event Date 11 May 2013
We Are Fiction manage to kick up a small ruckus at Takedown Festival.

Sleeveless member count: 0.5/5
(One of them had a sleeveless top, but was wearing a shirt over it. So half a point.)

Firstly, I can clearly see that We Are Fiction are not fiction. They are tangible and true. Liars, I shall make my children bully theirs.

That's probably a point that's been raised before.

WAF kick out some chunky hardcore sounds with melodies breaking through and reminding you of Summers when you were thinner. The crowd at the Big Deal Clothing stage was reticent about expending energy at first, daylight is not debauchery's best friend, but frontman Phil was adamant that there would be movement. He bowls into the crowd and forces the place to start bouncing. It gets physical enough for one guy's backwards cap to fall off, he had that coming.

A brutal, yet reflective, middle-8 throbbed away as replays of Frank Lampard's record breaking goals from that afternoon played out brazenly across the screens of what is usually a University bar. Look around and I'm sure you'll find a good metaphor there.