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Single Review: We Are The Physics - Applied Robotics

  • By AndyVale
  • 18 Jul 2012
  • Release Date 18 Jul 2012
Supajam reviews We Are The Physics latest single.

Following on from the international sensation 'Goran Ivanisevic', We Are The Physics release their second single from their upcoming second album. So if you hate the number two then get the hell off of this page.

Punching you well and truly in the gut, this frantic number dances from side-to-side while yelping about our under-appreiation of technology. It also shouts the title of the song lots, so if you go and see the band live in concert you can join in. This is always a plus, nobody likes not knowing the words.

Metal-like in its sweaty intensity, it's rock, roll and a good bit of fun. A breathless start leads into a sweeping mid-section before the balls-out fist-pumping sprint to the finish.


Applied Robotics by wearethephysics