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Live Review: Will Young: Glastonbury's finest voice

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 26 Jun 2016
  • Event Date 25 Jun 2016
Will Young: Glastonbury's finest voice

I mean, when discussing this year's Glastonbury line-up people have discussed Adele having pipes as crystal as a winter's morning, but those people clearly have never seen Will Young. As we all witnessed yesterday on the Avalon Stage, the guy still has one of the best voices in British pop.

Strangely seen as a kind of contrarian character in the reality TV world - a man who famously turned his back on that world - watching Will Young crooning, dressed in a pink dress inspires a unusual sense of defiance and pride in the 21st century alternative music fan. But the prevailing feeling is "oh shit, this is actually a great song", and it's always satisying to hear a flawless voice gliding wonderfully through tight tunes. 

'Leave Right Now' is pretty much fucking stunning. So easy on the ears. Objectively lovely to listen to. I hope it aligns with his views on the country as opposed to the referendum.

Don't believe that he's ace? Then just watch a bit of this Cyndi Lauper cover he did over the weekend.