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Single Review: Woman's Hour - Jenni Human

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 25 Oct 2011
  • Release Date 25 Oct 2011
womans hour new single Jenni/ Human

The debut single from Woman’s Hour gathers together a clutch of hipster signposts and tries to fashion them into something fresh. Across the singles’ two tracks you get jangling Congolese influenced Vampire Weekend guitar licks, the shimmering keys of Animal Collective, the hypnotic space and pulse of The XX, and the reverb drenched vocals of Zola Jesus. Credit, then, to the band for rising above these familiar themes and producing a couple of intriguing songs that alternate between hazy pop and just plain hazy. ‘Human’ particularly has bags of confidence, with an extended floatation tank opening half - all throbbing synths, guitar harmonics and cavernous dubstep snare delay- that unexpectedly morphs into a shoegaze disco ballad built from Peter Hook bass lines and heartfelt vocal yowls.  A good start.

Jenni by Woman's Hour

Human by Woman's Hour