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Live Review: Woman's Hour Live at Bestival

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 5 Sep 2014
  • Event Date 4 Sep 2014
Woman's Hour Live at Bestival

The Thursday of a festival is always strange; people pouring in, raving in their cars and wondering just how far they can push it – to the max, is the answer in Bestival’s case - so there’s no surprise that the Invaders of the Future stage is heaving for Woman’s Hour. The Northern quintet flirt with texture and development in such an interesting way, creating a bed for an absent, melancholic narrative to drive the set. Singer Fiona uses inflection adeptly with innuendo – particularly on ‘Unbroken Sequence’ - enabling the fantastic rhythmic interaction between keyboard and percussion to ensue. Their laxed-cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’ illustrates a broader telling of the band’s qualities, and finishes the set on something that epitomises the personality of Bestival; always with a chaser.